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PRESS RELEASE - Verified Napa Valley Micro-Producer Designation

Updated: Aug 8, 2023


Save the Family Farms Celebrating Napa's Smallest Wine Producers

Introduces a "Verified Napa Valley Micro-Producer" Designation

Napa Valley, August 1, 2023 – The Save the Family Farms Napa Valley (STFF) organization today announced the launch of the "Verified Napa Valley Micro-Producer" designation that celebrates the essence of Napa Valley's origin through a farm-to-bottle narrative as told by Napa Valley’s smallest producers, the Micro-Producers.

STFF was established in 2017 with the mission to keep small family farms viable for future generations. At its inception, the group lobbied for and established a streamlined use permit application process for Napa County’s Micro-producers, and worked with the Napa Country Board of Supervisors to design the Micro-Winery Ordinance. The Micro-Winery Ordinance was endorsed by the Winegrowers of Napa County and the Napa Valley Vintners and went into law, by unanimous vote, on May 5, 2022.

With the passage of the Micro-Winery Ordinance, STFF established its position as a champion that promotes and creates new opportunities exclusively for Napa Valley AVA wineries/brands with less than 5000 gallons annual production (approximately 2000 cases).

Expanding its mission for 2023, STFF is now actively nurturing, promoting, and safeguarding Napa Valley's Micro-Producers & Micro-Wineries, leading to the launch of the new "Verified Napa Valley Micro-Producer" designation.

Verified Napa Valley Micro-Producers promise wine enthusiasts an authentic connection to Napa Valley's small family farm heritage.

When supporting a Verified Micro-Producer, enthusiasts of ultra-small-batch Napa Valley wines will have the unique opportunity to gain insights directly from the farmer, the owner, and the winemaker who also answer the phones, write the emails and handle nearly all aspects of their operations with their own two hands. This small business mindset enables Micro-Producers the freedom to experiment in the vineyard as well as the cellar, and they are often celebrated for being at the forefront of innovative winemaking techniques and sustainable agricultural practices.

According to Elise Nerlove, Vice President of STFF, Micro-Producers stand as shining examples of the artisanal approach to Napa Valley winemaking because they are at the intersection of innovation and differentiated consumer experiences. Their small size, coupled with a true back-to-the-land movement, enables them to convey incomparable insights into the craft, passion, and artistry behind each bottle of wine. Elise also noted that most Napa Valley Micro-Producers are 100% family-run, with several being proudly led by female owners and winemakers.

Elise encourages everyone to join the STFF in celebrating and supporting Napa Valley's Micro-Producers, as they continue to enrich the region's vibrant wine landscape with their passion, innovation, and commitment to preserving the tradition of small family farms in the Napa Valley.

Any Napa Valley wine producer interested in the esteemed "Verified Napa Valley Micro-Producer" designation, must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an operational wine brand with an annual production between 201 and 5,000 gallons.

  • Hold the necessary licenses required to produce/sell wine commercially.

  • A commitment to utilizing at least 75 percent of Napa AVA fruit in the wine production process.

  • Adherence to sustainable practices in the vineyards and/or winery, demonstrating responsible stewardship of the land.

  • A majority of wine sales must be direct-to-consumer, enhancing the personalized connection with customers.

  • Providing customers with direct access to the grower, winemaker, or owner, fostering a deeper appreciation for the craft.

A complete list of Verified Napa Valley Micro-Producers is online at:

For wine producers interested in applying for the "Napa Valley Micro-Producer Verification," please visit

About Save the Family Farms Napa Valley:

Save the Family Farms Napa Valley (STFF) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to keeping small family farms viable for future generations in the Napa Valley. Since its formation in 2017, STFF has championed the cause of Napa's smallest wine producers and collaborated with key stakeholders to create opportunities and streamline the application process for Micro-Wineries. The "Verified Napa Valley Micro-Producer" designation marks a significant step in celebrating and promoting these esteemed producers.

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