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Preserving the Agricultural Environment in Napa: Small Family Farms are the solution

John Bonick at his vineyard with his sons Max and Dylan.

We are the solution the county and the public have been looking for. We want to maintain the unique quality of Napa true Agriculture while preventing impact on the environment. We would like the county’s support to allow policy change so we can have very small number of guests per day come by and sit with us either at our dining room table or under our oak tree and taste our wine. We DON’T WANT to build an event center. We don’t want to build an empire. We don’t want a multi-million-dollar winery. We don’t want to create extra roads, buildings and parking lots that create run off and disruption of the earth. We won’t add to the traffic congestion as we are family owned and operated. We won’t be having staff coming from outside of Napa commuting and filling roadways. We won’t be bringing in trucks of grapes from other parts of the state as our grapes are grown on our farms where we live!

We want to exist the in our community with our families and have our small business thrive and survive and in order to do this, we need to be able to have people buy our wine directly from us and be allowed to visit our farms.

Author: Dona Kopol Bonick, Napa resident, grapegrower and owner of Art House Wines.

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